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    Remote Learning Platforms (e-Learning): How to Log In to Schoology, Webex, and Seesaw


    If you have any questions or need assistance in logging in to the online platforms BELOW, contact:

    Jennifer Bosler, LTE




    Click this link to view the video for iPad Login directions:  iPad Login Video

                                  (This includes directions for logging into Schoology, Webex, and Seesaw from the iPad!)


    Click the link below to access Schoology for Students:


    Schoology--Students Sign In

     To Log Into Schoology as a Student:

    Click on the image above... or

    1. Go to the Edison Website Home page. (edison.d11.org)

    2. Click the Schoology Tab at the top right of the screen.

    3. The first time your student logs in, they will need their email address: firstname.lastname@d11.org

    4. Next, enter your district password (it is the pink password on many login cards from the teacher)

    5. This should connect them to their Schoology account and dashboard, where they will see their courses.

    6. Click on a Course to access BOTH the teacher's Webex Link and Seesaw Link (grades K-1)

        (If you need to log into one of these platforms, use the student's long email address:

          firstname.lastname@d11.org and their district pw again.)


    Click here for directions on How to Join Scheduled Webex Meetings in Schoology


    Log In to Webex Meetings

    To Log IN to Webex Meetings:

    Click the image above to LOG IN to Webex Meetings! (This is an alternate way to get into a teacher's personal room). You could go through Schoology if they have a link in their course.

    Sign in using the student's long email address (firstname.lastname@d11.org) and district password

    Student can type the teacher's first and last name (ie: jennifer.bosler) in the top gray box to join the teacher's meeting (personal room)


    Click here for directions on How to Join Scheduled Webex Meetings in Schoology




    To Log IN to Seesaw:

    Seesaw can usually be accessed from the teacher's course page in Schoology by clicking on the chain link that says Seesaw.

    However, if you experience problems, try this!

    Click on the image above to access the Seesaw login page.

    2. Click the blue Login button in the top right of the screen.

    3. Click "I am a Student".

    4. At the bottom of the top box click: Seesaw for Schools Clever Sign In (blue link)

    5. Type Edison Elementary Colorado Springs in the box.  A list will pop up.  Click on Edison Elementary, Colorado Springs D11 (there are several Edison Elem.)

    6. Click on the 4 colored boxes field on TOP... Click Here to Sign In

    7. If it is your first time logging in to Seesaw from the device you are using, you will have to enter the student's long email: firstname.lastname@d11.org and their  district password.

    8. This will take you to your student's account in their teacher's classroom. You will see your student's name in the top corner of the screen!