• Application Development and Support  provides the following services:

    • Support and Operations
    • Database Support
    • PeopleSoft Support
    • SIS Technical Support  



  • The mission of the District 11 Security Deparment is to provide security services and a safe learning and working environment to District 11 students, parents, staff and community members.

    The security department is managed centrally, but building principals have on-site supervision authority. To find out about the programs and services offered by District 11 security visit their website.  



  • Network Services provides the following services:

    • Working, reliable and available network services.
    • Provides a safe online learning environment and exceptional support to our customers.  

    Telecomm Serives provides support for all District provided office phones, voice mail system, cellular services and outcalling system.

    Visit the Telecomm Services Intranet Site (Internal Users Only)



  • Technical Services provides the following services:

    • Support for over 100,000 pieces of audio/video equipment.  Camera, Video Recorders, VCR, DVD, CD Players, Cassettes, and many more.
    • Support, repair, and maintain approx. 10,000+ computer systems, peripherals and application servers.
    • Repair and maintenance of Fax and Printer systems
    • Provide repair and maintenance for laminating systems.
    • Maintain and/or repair your Public Address, Intercom and Paging systems.
    • Auditorium Sound and Video systems.
    • Approved Software Training and support for District sites.
    • Network support, printer queues and specialty applications.
    • All other technical support as needed to accomplish a quality educational experience. 

    Visit the Tech. Services Intranet Site (Internal Users Only)


Instructional Technology and Library Services

  • Instructional Technology and Library Services directs the integration of information literacy and technology skills by leading and inspiring each school's Library Technology Education (LTE) and Library Technology Technician (LTT). Together we manage libraries' resources and tools for students' use so that a school's heart will beat like a drum.

    E-Resources: Catalogs and organizes schools' library and instructional resources.

    Library Technology Program: Provides direction and support to LTEs/LTTs to reinforce information literacy skills and instructional technology in schools.

    Software Licensing: Ensures all district computers and devices have licensed software that works with the D11 network.

    Professional Resource Center (PRC): Provides staff with professional resources and materials.

    Visit the ITLS website