• Parents/Guardians, 

    As you know Taylor has implemented the Capturing Kids Hearts program. I am thrilled to be apart of this and students at Taylor are growing through this program as well as myself. We build a social contract during the first week of school. The students paired off into groups and answered questions, "How do you want to be treated by me (teacher)? How do you want to treat each other? How do you think the teacher wants to be treated? How do we want to treat each other when there is conflict?". As a class, we went over what each of these words mean and how it looks like. The students made this contract and all signed it. We reference this social contract during school, I encourage you to ask your child about this at home. We share good things every morning and participate in a compliment circle. This process encourages students to be empowered and in charge of their actions. Students can check their peers if they see their peers not following the social contract. 

    Four Questions

    1. What are you doing?

    2. What are you supposed to be doing?

    3. Are you doing it?

    4. What are you going to do about it?

    Our Word of the Week

    Love (11/11)

    Bucket Filling Board