What students are saying about the AP Capstone experience...

  • "AP Seminar allowed me to not only discover more about topics I liked but it also forced me to look at the other side of issues; most importantly AP Seminar made me a better thinker. I am currently AP Research, and even though the year just started, I can honestly say that I will have the same amount of extraordinary growth as I experienced last year." Henri M., Senior, Doherty High School

    [In AP Seminar] we choose what topics we want to research... giving me the freedom to study something that I am personally invested in. This is something that only three classes, including Seminar, have done in my high school career. I have learned valuable life skills..." Zach S., Senior, Doherty High School

    "I am currently a junior in the capstone program, and it truly has changed my life! Through vigorous thinking and hands on learning, I am able to see the world in a completely different way. Although it is challenging, it is well worth it, because it provides many opportunities to excel in my future goals." Lauren P., Junior, Doherty High School