Teacher quote


    There are so many elements of music that can be taught in fun and inventive ways.  I like to use stations to reinforce elements of music that we are working on.  I utilize many manipulatives like milk caps, popsicle sticks, blocks, or fishing poles to teach rhythm notation.  While the students work in small groups, I have an opportunity to work more closely with students that need support or extra instruction.  This too allows me to assess students in a small group setting while they are having fun and not worrying about everyone focusing on them.

    In the younger grades we play MANY singing games, to practice matching pitch, solo singing, echoing different types of voices, loud/soft, high/low, and keeping a steady beat while singing.  While singing is very important, I  realize that singing isn’t for everyone.  Some students would rather do anything other than sing alone or with a group, so I provide additional ways to express themselves musically.  I teach the students to play a variety of instruments in the general music classroom like ukuleles, recorders, tone-chimes, and the Orff tone bar xylophones. I find this gives every student a chance to enjoy music while learning and meeting the state standards.

    We also work on composing music in the upper grades.  They learn how to use their knowledge of rhythm and melody, what elements make a song sound good to the ear, and how to put notes onto a staff.  I also bring technology into the classroom by using the Ipads and teaching kids how to compose using Garage Band.  This allows them to create more intricate pieces by using a broader instrumentarium.