• What is a fixed mindset?

    Children with a fixed mindset believe that their abilities, intelligence, and talent are "fixed" and cannot be changed. They tend to view mistakes as failure, give up more easily when faced with difficult tasks, and are less likely to try new or potentially difficult things.

    "I'll never be good at math."

    What is a growth mindset?

    Children with a growth mindset belive that if they practice and keep trying, then they can improve and make progress. They tend to view mistakes as learning opportunities, face challenges with a more optimistic attitude, and are more resilient.

    "Math is hard, but if I keep trying I can get better at it."

    Quick Tips

    • Praise effort and process rather than results,scores, and outcomes.
      • "You worked really hard on that project." vs. "You did great because you got an A on your test."
    • Remind children that mistakes are part of the learning process.


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