• Hello Preschool Families! 

    I hope you all are doing well, staying safe and healthy. Please feel free to reach out if you need ANYTHING! I am here to help in any way I can during this home learning time. I added the Week 3 learning board below in a file. This week we will learn about emotions and social skills! I hope you have fun! It's supposed to warm up this week. I hope you can get outside for some fresh air! 

    Save the Dates:

    • Distance learning continues through April 30th
    • Thursday, May 7th—(11am-1:45pm)Field Trip to Starsmore Discovery Center for Andy’s Animal Senses program. We will meet to have a picnic lunch and do some exploring from 11am-11:45am; Program starts at noon and will go until 1:15pm. Spend some time explorin afterwards if you’d like.
    • Tuesday, May 19th—Last Day of school for Preschool

    **All events are tentative based on weather and plans in response to the COVID-19)**


    This week we are working on the following:

    • Answering the questions: How can we show we are happy, sad, mad, scared, tired? What makes you feel (happy, sad, mad, scared)?  See our class dojo site for more info
    • Social skills: Being a good friend, Following directions, cleaning up (responsibility), sharing, taking turns, solving problems, Tucker the Turtle—self-regulating behavior, bucket filling and bucket dipping—ask your child about this :)
    • Literacy: Recognizing our names in print, recognizing the letters in our name (written/in the environment), listening when others talk, talking with others (conversations), using language to share our ideas (i.e. drawing a picture and telling about it, answering questions while reading a story), ask and answer questions
    • Math: Counting objects to 10 using one-to-one correspondence, rote counting to 20, Labeling shapes, describing shapes (4 sides, 3 points, round, etc) finishing/making patterns, putting objects in order by size, counting out 5 objects from a larger group, stating the last number after counting a group of objects to 10 without recounting when asked “how many”, identifying more/less/same up to 5.
    • Fine motor skills to support writing: tearing paper, using tongs, tracing and cutting lines, rolling playdough, popping bubble wrap, drawing (using a developmentally appropriate grasp)
    • Science: learning shadows/reflections, weighing objects/using scales, cold/hot sort, building

    Thank you for sharing your children with us each day! Please give them extra hugs for us until we see them again! It has been a pleasure partnering with you for your child’s success this year and I have enjoyed the opportunity to work with your child!

     Mrs. Amber



    Ideas and resources:

    • Read stories together; look at books; describe pictures
    • Play games—take turns, counting spaces, working together, I spy games to support language development and asking/answering questions
    • Get messy!—paint, art, craft projects, playdough, cook something together, play in the snow
    • Play outside—run, jump, climb, build a sand castle, go on a scavenger hunt
    • Draw/write—write a letter to a family member or friend (this can be a picture that is drawn and students may be able to relate it to the story Dear Juno that we read in class. He wrote a letter back and forth with his grandmother or A Letter to Amy), use sidewalk chalk 
    • Website: http://www.thegeniusofplay.org/tgop/ideas/for-special-needs/genius/play-ideas-tips/play-ideas-special.aspx?gclid=EAIaIQobChMIkee5mu6X6AIVhobACh2TDAG-EAMYAyAAEgL0KvD_BwE This has some great ideas for all students!
    • Please refer to the info above as it can help you in coming up with ideas for supporting your child’s learning through practicing the skills above
    • Literacy Event make and take bags—any opportunity you have to use those tools would be great for your child’s continued progress
    • Weekly Choice Boards

    Please email me if I can be of any help during this extended break.