• Lego® Robotics

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    Lego® robotics introduces students to EV3 Mindstorms robots.  Students work collaboratively to design, build, and program Lego® robots to perform tasks: driving forward and reverse, pivot turns, and moving in geometric shape patterns.  Students further develop their problem solving abilities and understanding of robotics through a series of real-world challenges including warehouse product retrieval robot, utilizing sensors for navigation, and competing in a BattleBots competition.

    Lego EV3 rover

    2020- 21 School Year: Intro to Game Design

    It's going to be challenging to offer the normal Lego® class as an online course this Fall, so I have decided to teach an online video game design unit instead.  Students will be introduced to a variety of programming environments to learn basic video game design and learn how to make racing, platform, launching, maze, escape, and many other games with objects and characters that interact with each other.  Students will get a basic understanding of what it takes to go into game programming as a career.

    CSFirst Game Design