• Key Reminders for Audubon Families

    • This is new for all of us, so if there are certain priorities that must be taken care of before you can engage in e-learning activities, I understand!
    • I encourage all families to perform activities outdoors if weather permits, after all it is beautiful in Colorado!
    • As a parent, guardian, family member, or friend, be positive and share the enjoyment of watching or taking part in your child’s play!
    • Lets reinforce effort and trying, PERSEVERANCE!
    • Remember its ok to perform activities in spurts, rest time is beneficial!
    • Be sure to stretch before performing exercises!
    • Lessons will be updated or added weekly and should be a duration of at least 30 minutes.
    • Last but not least, success is a great motivator for a student, so always try to start with an activity or exercise you are comfortable with! 


    3rd/4th/5th Physical Education 30-minute Activity 

    May 11th - May 15th

    How To Make A Scavenger Hunt | The Jewish Press - JewishPress.com ...


    Family Outdoor Scavenger Hunt!

    Family Scavenger Hunt Printable (Click Here)


    Play as either an individual/a small group against others in your family or as a big family team and see how many points you can earn by completing the different challenges. If you complete one, check it off in the column on the right. Set an agreed-upon time limit for the game before you start. At the end of the time limit, add up your points and see how many you/your team earned. Good luck!




    Run and touch 5 different colored objects


    Find a stick, lay it on the ground and jump over it 30 times 


    Climb a tree and be at least 5 feet up off the ground


    Skip in a circle around 3 different trees







    Find a rounded leaf, a pointy leaf and a pine needle


    Spell a word on the ground using whatever materials you can find


    Pick a start line and a finish line and race someone else


    Find 4 different types of flowers







    Find a 4-leaf clover


    Build a mini log cabin at least 3 inches high using only sticks


    Find 3 different types of bugs


    Throw a small rock at a tree and hit it from distances of 10, 15 and 20 feet




    TOTAL POINTS: ____________________


      Part Two 

    2. Once you are finished, record in your PE Journal or Daily Log how performing the scavenger hunt made you feel. Also if you would like to take a picture and share it with Coach Tarver via email, feel free!

    Summer Challenge!

    * Throughout the summer, be sure to check out the "Physical Education at Home" tab for cool activities to do with your family and stay active. WE WILL MISS YOU!