• At Home Moving Opportunities!!

    I designed this page as a way to provide families with a variety of opportunities to get moving! Complete what you like and leave the rest. I would love to know what you're doing at home, so please share with me what you can (katie.white@d11.org). 


    April Movement Calendar: here's a calendar that offers movement ideas of each day in April! Have fun and get moving!!


    Physical Education At-Home Activities (click here): this link has MANY opportunties gathered from PE teachers and sources from all of the world! 


    HYPE (Helping Young People Energize): These links are for families who are really wanting to work with an at-home PE curriculum. Please use what you like, and forgo what you would rather not complete. There is A LOT here!


    Active Game Stations: These links below are to games that are designed to run as stations. This is a fun way to get the WHOLE family involved. You may even consider doing some of these on a web call with your friends or distant families!


    Family Games: These links are to games that are meant to played with the member of your household. For some of these games you'll need basic equipment (supplies), like a deck of cards or bean bags. Remember though, you can always get creative with supplies simply because these options are just opportunites for some fun/ active movements as a family.


    Create a Game: For this project, you will have an opportunity to create a game that you can play in your home using anything that you can!!


    Challenge Boards: challenge yourself with some of these fun and unique activity boards!



    ** Weekly Video Schedule from Speed Stacks:

    • Mondays: New Activity Videos (these will build upon the almost 30 Stacking@Home videos)
    • Tuesdays: Teacher Tuesdays (specifically for teachers)
    • Wednesdays: Stacker Videos (help stackers of all ages and abilities get faster)


    Jump Rope


    Go Noodle

    • Some of our favorite channels: KidBop, Koo Koo KangaRoo, NTV, Blazer Fresh, Moose Tube, Maximo, Fresh Start Fitness