• Week of April 6, 2020:

    Message to Families:  Please reach out to me via email (denise.matthews@d11.org) or phone 719-328-3555 if you have ANY questions regarding the activities listed below.  Open communication and any feedback you have will be very helpful during this time.  I will be emailing you all individually this week to remind you what goals we were working on before the school closures.  You should also be receiving an Interm Service Plan (ISP) in your emails this week.  This week will be about fun and doing some new activities to help your child's speech and language growth.  I miss you all very much.  Be safe and stay healthy!  - Mrs. Matthews, SLP 


    1. Go to the ARTICULATION page and find some word lists with your child's sound in it.  (mommyspeechtherapy.com) 

    2. On the ARTICULATION page, pick 1 fun activity a day to help practice your words.  Practice at least 1 time per day for at least 15-20 minutes.  Try to practice your sound at least 100 times.  You can do it! 

    3. BONUS:  Email me how much fun you had playing the game, how you did, what struggles you had (if any) AND a picture :) 

    Speech Sound Placement Cues 



    Grade K-2

    1. Go the the LANGAUGE page and review the fun activities that you can choose from based on your IEP goals.

    2.  You can also read your favorite book or search Youtube or epic.com for new book ideas.  Ask your child questions using a WH format (they may need some remiding what the WH question means...WHERE..a place...WHAT..a person/place/thing/function, etc).  

    3. Use the attached picture scene to help support your child's expressive and/or receptive language skills. 


    Grade 3-5