• 10 Questions about Coach Lindsey

    1. How long have I been teaching?

    I've been proudly teaching P.E. since 2017. My entire teaching career has been within District 11.


    2. What did I major in college?

    Master of Sport Administration, Belmont University, 2007

    Bachelors of Science Kinesiology, University of Texas San Antonio, 2004


    3. Where am I originally from?

    While I did move around a lot (raised an Air Force brat) I spent most of my childhood in the San Francisco Bay Area.


    4. What are my 3 favorite sports?

    Soccer, Basketball & Baseball


    5. What are my favorite sports teams?

    Soccer: Liverpool FC & Oakland Roots SC

    Basketball: Raised a Golden State Warriors fan (but I do have a history with the San Antonio Spurs from my college days).

    Baseball: San Francisco Giants

    Football: San Francisco 49ers

    Hockey: San Jose Sharks


    6. What are my hobbies?

    I love to play soccer, trivia contests and I LOVE to travel.


    7. Do I speak any foreign languages?

    I can speak French and I am studying Spanish & German.


    8. Favorite Food?

    Seafood & Pie


    9. Who is my all-time favorite athlete?

    Muhammad Ali is without question my favorite. I loved his work-ethic, his charisma and how he overcame adversity during his life.


    10. My favorite sports movie?

    The Sandlot. Kids, ask your parents about this classic





    Contact me:

    Phone: 719-328-7949