• attachment techniques  

    Snowy and I introduce you to artist Annie Peters. Pictures of her work was hanging up in the art room for our nature unit, so it might look familiar to students. We will also show you two attachment techniques. Watch the video here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=N2EU8gbErn8

    Prompt: Artist Annie Peters collects branches and other natural objects from the land she lives on to create her work. What can you create from the things that surround you?

    Supplies: Pick from the Material Choice Board located on click on the heading on the left hand side. 

    Submit: Send me a photo of your work with a title and few sentences that explain your work. Photos can be emailed to me at Lauren.Mohoric@d11.org

  • Annie Peters

    The artist Annie Peters creates sculptures and installations, both are three dimensional forms of art. If the weather is good, why not try going outside and making a temporary work of art out of natural materials. Another artist that uses natural materials is Andy Goldsworthy. View some of his work here https://www.livingyourwildcreativity.com/art-gallery-1-mitchell-1