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    Posted by EDWARD ROMERO on 4/16/2020

    So, here is a list that I've come up with. Check yours and compare it to mine. Always remember this is the reason most of us have to go out of our way to keep our bodies healthy.   

     Motor vehicles  Motor vehicles have probably had the biggest impact on our daily activity levels. Even riding a horse or bike. from place to place is more active than sitting in a vehicle. 


    Stove/oven  A stove/oven is nice whether it is electric or gas. But... without electricity or gas it would probably be a wood burning type. If it is woodburning, somebody's got to chop the fuel.

    Running water  A sink brings us water. At the ranch, my Grandma didn't have running water. I made many trips to the well. Water is heavy. 

    Thermostat for a furnace  A thermostat for a gas burning furnace adjusts the temerature in your dwelling. Before that it was probably a coal burning furnace that you had to fill with coal (shoveling) every time you wanted more heat. Before THAT, it was probably a wood burning stove or fireplace. Guess what? More wood chopping.

    Power tools  Power tools ladies and gentlemen. Building ANYTHING has become easier in this day and age. I couldn't imagine building anything out of wood without power tools. I used to work in a furniture shop. Google "old fashioned wood working tools" and imagine what someone would have to go throgh just to build a chair, let alone a house. 

    Computer tech      

    computer tech  Computer tech has taken over the world. Too many implications to list but... you don't even have to walk outside to pick up the paper anymore, or to the library, or to the store to buy stuff, etc. It also tempts us with options to entertain ourselves by only moving our fingers. 

          I will add to this list as I get more pics. Feel free to keep gonig with your lists as well. I want you to remember.






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