• mountain reflection

    Here is the link to this week’s lesson LINK HERE where I’ll show you how I created my photo above

    Prompt: Constructed photography, like the work of artist Lori Kella, makes an illusion of reality. This type of photography is planned out and uses a variety of photography techniques along with other hands on art skills. What can you create that merges reality and fantasy? 

    Supplies: Pick from the Material Choice Board https://www.d11.org/Page/14632  with a camera and a light source.   

    Submit: Send me at least two photos from different angles with a title and few sentences that explain your work. I would love to feature more artwork on the gallery page. Photos can be sent through a class dojo message or emailed to me at Lauren.Mohoric@d11.org 

  • Lori Kella

    Photographer Lori Kella's work above. To view more of her contrustructed photography go to her website

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