Elementary Band & Orchestra Recruitment

  • We are very excited that your student wants to participate in the District 11 Elementary Music Program. The following is a brief outline of the program:

    Band instrument instruction is avaliable to students on clairinet, flute, oboe, bassoon, saxophone, french horn, trumpet, tuba, trombone, baritone and percussion. 

    Orchestra (String) instrument instruction is avaliable to students on viola, violin, cello and string bass. 

    Your student will recieve instruction at least twice a week throughout the school year. Regular attendance and home pactice are nessecaty for your student's musical development.

    To enroll your student in a band or orchesta program at their school, please complete the form below:



  • Building   Band   Orchestra (Strings)
    Adams   Shannon Hagan   Barb Wool
    Audubon   Dale Crockett   Sabrina Baugh
    Bristol   Ken Shane    Luke Tripp
    Buena Vista   LaShele Warren   LaShele Warren
    Carver   Debby Blake    Ray Bell
    Chipeta   Ken Shane    Linda Johnson 
    Columbia   Katherine Kennedy   Barb Wool
    Edison   Sandra Green   Patrick Abbott
    Freedom   Debby Blake    Steven Lambert
    Fremont   Debby Blake    Steven Lambert
    Grant   Sandra Green   Mark Bowen
    Henry   Sandra Green   Tanesha Reeves
    Howbert   Katherine Kennedy   Katherine Kennedy
    Jackson   Erik Miller   Erik Miller
    Keller   Dale Crockett   Linda Bowen
    King   Shannon Hagan   Mark Bowen
    Madison   Kelly Evans    Linda Bowen
    Martinez   Kelly Evans    Steven Lambert
    McAuliffe   Kelly Evans   Mark Bowen
    Midland   Shannon Hagan   Rachael Napper
    Monroe   Kelly Evans   Patrick Abbott
    Penrose   Tanesha Reeves   Tanesha Reeves
    Queen Palmer   Shannon Hagan   Patrick Abbott
    Rogers   Tim Blake   Tim Blake
    Rudy   Debby Blake    Tanesha Reeves
    Scott   Michele Wilcoxson   Michele Wilcoxson
    Steele   Alex Dominguez   Patrick Abbott
    Stratton   Rob Rodine   Rob Rodine
    Taylor   Sandra Green   Patrick Abbott
    Trailblazer   Ken Shane    Rachael Napper
    Twain   Sandra Green   Sandra Green
    West K-5   Katherine Kennedy   Katherine Kennedy
    Wilson   Debby Blake    Ray Bell