• Extended Studies

    (All Dual Credit college courses that do not meet Concurrent Enrollment requirements per CDE flowchart)


    Dual Credit Courses, whether they are taken at the high school where the student is enrolled or at a post-secondary institution, are courses for which the student has been granted permission to earn both Carnegie units (high school) and college credit. Students must have prior permission to enroll for dual credit and meet the requirements specified by the college. Students are responsible for verifying any college’s acceptance of credits earned as dual credit. Enrollment in a dual credit course does not guarantee college acceptance. Please contact your school counselor for information regarding available dual credit options. 


    CU Succeed Platinum (UCCS) and Gold (CU Denver)                        

    ​College-ready high school students can enroll in a extended studies college course that is offered after school hours online or at one of our D11 campuses. Students earn high school and college credit. Not all courses wil be gtPathways (Guaranteed Transfer) but most will transfer to public institutions of higher education within Colorado.  It is the student’s responsibility to research transferability.  Information about upcoming course offerings in both fall and spring will be available by reaching out to school counselors and gifted and talented resource teachers. These are classified as Extended Studies. These courses are NOT Concurrent Enrollment. 


    - CU Platinum Comm 2100 Spring 2021 ONLINE

    D11 currently pays student tuition for this couse. Any additional cost for books or fees is the responsibility of students and parents.


    +For more information and to be considered complete the CU Platinum form: CU Platinum Interest Form  

    OR scan the QR code from your mobile device to complete the CU Platinum interest form.


     Cu Platinum



    - Current Offerings at Coronado High School


    What is CU Succeed?  

    CU Succeed Dual Enrollment Programs collaborate with high schools in Colorado in offering students the opportunity to get a head start on their college careers by taking CU Denver  and UCCS courses, for both high school and college credit, during the school day, on the high school campus. The CU Succeed Program faculty is comprised of high school teachers who have been certified and granted an adjunct faculty appointment by a CU Denver academic department. The Spring 2021 CU Succeed course registration is now open to students.


    >>UCDenver, CU Succeed – Last day to register is February 5, 2021


    In order for students to register for UCDenver, CU Succeed courses, go to this link: your students this https://clas.ucdenver.edu/cusucceed/students.  Once you click on the link:

    • Go to Register Here (top menu) to register for your UCDenver, CU Succeed courses – fill out the form to register for course(s). Last day to register is February 5, 2021.
    • Go to How to Pay Tuition due by March 30, 2021 – Tuition is $77.00 per credit hour - CU Succeed Tuition Information web page
    • Go to Order Your Transcript – seniors should order their college transcript after June 15 to send to the college of your choice
    • Parents must fill out and return the Parent/Guardian Responsibility Form by March 30, 2021https://ucdenverdata.formstack.com/forms/cu_succeed_spring_2021– this is a course requirement in order to facilitate the college course registration


    ***Click here for CU Succeed course names and numbers  - for both UCDenver and UCCS (please note that the course code for Public Speaking course COMM 2100 is 43412)


    >>UCCS CU Succeed courses - Spring 2021 – Last day to register is March 4, 2021    

    In order for students to register for UCCS, CU Succeed courses, please check with your teachers listed above (Course names and numbers) to provide you with a link on their Schoology page to registration instructions and course number, or click here:  Instructions - UCCS Registration   (refer to course codes specific to course for which you are registering).  To register students must Apply , Claim Account, Register and Pay.  


    • Registration due: March 4, 2021
    • Payment: due at time of registration through student account
    • UCCS CU Succeed tuition: $52.00 per credit hour
    • Order CU transcript through your UCCS account – seniors should order their college transcript after June 15 to send to the college of their choice







    As with all programs the student must complete the following steps: 

    1. Complete interest form/application on the D11 website. 

    2. Update ICAP Postsecondary goal to reflect your course within the certificate or degree plan you are working toward. 

    3. Contact and meet with school/career and college counselor.

    4. Once approved, complete any required testing or qualifying measures. 

    5. Apply to the Institution of Higher Education (IHE) that offers the course or program.

    6. Complete the D11 Postsecondary Agreement D11 Postsecondary Agreement (NEW USER- create an account).

    7. Confirm with counselor all steps were completed in order to be scheduled in course or program.

    8. Order textbooks or required supplies (prior to the start of class).




    Additional Resources:

CDE Concurrent Enrollment Requirements Flowchart

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