Degrees and Certifications:

Christina Darling


My name is Christina Darling, and I started working in education in 1999. (I’m kind of old, but don’t spread it around.) Since I was four years old, I knew I wanted to be an English teacher, and finally made my dream come true even after everyone told me it was impossible. I have taught in all types of schools, but prefer the alternative environment the most. I feel that all students are gifted at something, and it’s my goal to help my students find out what that is for them. I am determined to inspire everyone to appreciate and understand the joy of reading and all the ways that reading can enhance your life. 

I was born and raised outside Hollywood, California. Even though there were lots of opportunities to get in trouble, I was (mostly) a good kid. I started living on my own at 16, but with the help of my great grandma, I was able to graduate high school. I moved to Colorado in 1995. While here, I’ve earned three college degrees and raised four amazing kids. I currently live with my two mini Australian shepherds and enjoy road-tripping, camping, hiking, writing, and chatting with friends. I can’t wait to meet you!