• Colorado Springs School District 11 installed Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) card readers on all school buses. Students who ride the bus to and from school will be instructed to tap their cards on the reader as they enter and exit the bus.  


  • As part of this new technology, there is also an app called MyView that interfaces with the bus card readers and sends the information to a server via a cellular connection from our current GPS system.  This app will allow parents/guardians to get a notification letting them know the student has entered or exited the bus whenever the reader reads their student’s card. In addition, the app will allow parents/guardians to track their student’s bus location based on the route.  When your child’s bus enters an alert zone, you will receive a notification by email or text.


  • Set up Zonar MyView:

    1. Download the Zonar MyView app from the App Store or Google Play.
    2. Enter the School Access Code COL25992022.
    3. Enter your child’s unique student ID.
    4. Select the notification method (via the app or via text message).
    5. Create alert zones around drop-off and pick-up points if you want to track the bus.

    Download the Zonar MyView App

    GooglePlay AppStoreLink


  • Will my student be allowed to ride the bus if they don’t have their card?

  • I don’t know my students ID number.

  • My student didn’t receive a card.  How can I get one?

  • My student is riding the bus under the Space Available program.  Will my student get a card?

  • My student rides a special needs bus.  Will my student get a card?

  • My student received a card, but it doesn’t have a picture on it.

  • My student’s card is missing the grade level.

  • Can I use this bus card next year?

  • Is there a number I can call if I have additional questions?