District 11 Summer Access Initiative (June 2019)

  • 1. Can I still get help after finishing high school?

    • Yes!   Finishing high school and wondering what to do next is challenging, exciting, and can be confusing.

    2. District 11's Access Initiative-Personal Support For You

    • School counselors are available from June 3-June 27 (Monday-Thursday) at all D11 high schools except for Mitchell HS, which is closed for construction. Mitchell school counselors will be located on the Roy J Wasson Academic Campus. We want all students and families to have access, support, information, and direction so our students can pursue their dreams and goals after high school.

    3. Do you need help applying for college, a technical school, the military, or help with finding job training programs?  We can help answer and support these questions & more

    • Do you need helping completing an application for a college or technical school?
    • Are you wondering how to get in contact with representatives from the military?
    • Do you need help putting a resume/job application together?
    • Are you looking for ways to get access to financial support to help you get into a school or program?
    • Are you wondering how to get help and training to prepare yourself for a full-time job and career?
    • Would you benefit from sitting down with someone who can help you identify for yourself options after high school?
    • Are you looking for an opportunity to increase your skills and see what college is really like?

    4. Counselors Available At Each District 11 High School (June 2019) 

    Weeks Available  High School Locations Hours Available
    June 3-June 27 Roy J. Wasson Academic Campus (RJWAC) 7:30-3:00
    June 3-June 27 Coronado High School 8:30-4:00
    June 3-June 27 Doherty High School 7:30-3:00
    June 3-June 27 Mitchell High School will be located at RJWAC 7:30-3:00
    June 3-June 27 Palmer High School 7:30-3:30

    5. Are you interested in taking a free college course this summer? Here's How:

    Pikes Peak Community College has partnered with Colorado Springs School District 11 to provide a free summer college course called Advanced Academic Achievement (AAA 109). This course is designed for students who want to learn strategies for learning how to create greater academic, professional, and personal success.

    When and Where is this class offered?

    Session 1

    • Class runs from June 3-June 28 
    • Tuesdays-Thursdays from 9am-2pm (there is a lunch break and class breaks)
    • The class is offered at PPCC's Downtown Studio Campus and Coronado High School 

    Session 2

    • Class runs from July 8-August 2
    • Tuesdays-Thursdays from 9am-2pm (includes a lunch break and class breaks)
    • The class is offered at PPCC's Centennial Campus

     How do I Sign-Up?

    1. Pick up a registration form from your high school counseling office.
    2. Choose where you would like to take the class. Downtown Studio Campus class, write in 12828 under the CRN Coronado High School class, write in 12829 under the CRN Centennial Campus class, write in 12827 under the CRN
    3. Sign the form.
    4. Email the signed form to enrollment@ppcc.edu.
    5. Register for the class by Wednesday, May 22.
    Requirements in order to take the class?
    • Graduate from Colorado Springs School District 11 (This course is for 2019 District 11 H.S. Graduates Only)
    • Sign-up for the class by May 22, 2019
    Have a Question or Need Some Support?


    *** Students and Families can reach school counselors at the phone numbers below during the District 11 Access Initiative from June 3-June 27.

    Achieve Online  719-328-2017
    The Bijou School 719-328-2017
    Coronado High School  719-328-3606
    Digital High School 719-328-2017
    Doherty High School 719-328-6420
    Early College High School  719-328-2017
    Mitchell High School 719-328-6629
    Palmer High School 719-328-5015
    Tesla Educational Opportunity School 719-328-2017