Grant Application Procedures

  • You are welcome and encouraged to seek grant funds on your own.
    Grant applications of less than $10,000 require only the approval of your School Principal and/or Central Administration Department Head. For reporting purposes only, we do ask that you notify the Grants Department in the event that you receive such a grant.
    Board Policy DD states that the Grants Department must pre-approve all grants except those that are $10,000 or less from local funders AND do not include personnel, technology, new curriculum or sole source, or specific contracting requirements.  To facilitate this process, please contact the Director of Grants Patricia Reitwiesner at as soon as you begin working on the grant, and at least two weeks prior to the grant’s submission deadline. The earlier the better. 

    Grants will be reviewed for the following criteria:
    • Does the project support the district’s vision, mission, and goals?
    • Does the project support the school or department’s improvement plan?
    • What demand is placed on existing district resources?
    • What future obligations might this grant create for the district?
    • Will the grant impact our current TABOR limit? 

    The Grants Director will work with you to obtain necessary signatures from the Board President, Superintendent, or other authorized representative. 

    Typically the Grants Department will submit to funders. 

    Awarded grants must be coordinated through the Grants Department.

    Grants Department will: 

    • Train project directors
    • Launch grants
    • Work with project director to manage funds and ensure fiscal and program compliance