Grant Management Procedures

  • Once you have received a grant award, the Grants Office will continue to support you in the administration and compliance of that grant. Each district grant is assigned a Grant Clerk, who works with grant recipients to help them understand and interpret the many forms and procedures required to administer a grant.  They can help you manage such items as payroll, reimbursements, contracts, and purchase requests.

    Following the receipt of your Grant Awards Notification (GAN), the Grants Office will contact you to schedule an orientation meeting. The principal of your school or department director will assign a designated grant liaison to act as the point of contact between the grants office and the school/department, and will also determine the persons that should be included in this meeting.

    At this meeting, you will sit down with your Grant Clerk and the Grants Director to discuss the specific terms of your grant contract and the many ways in which the Grants Office will support you in maintaining fiscal and administrative responsibility throughout the life of the grant, including such items as:

    Grant Name/Number – all district grants are assigned a grant name and number. This number follows the account until the funds are exhausted, and is used in all account payments and record keeping. Ideally, your grant name and number should appear on all financial correspondence with the Grants Office.

    Receipt of Funds – the Grant Clerk will assist you in completing the necessary forms to access your grant funds. Your role is to assist in the proper management of the grant funds. This means being fiscally responsible and only spending monies on items approved within the grant. 

    Budget Details – to ensure that expenditures align to the intent and purpose of the grant, the grant department will cover each area of the grant’s proposed budget and ensure that each team member understands the allowable expenditures for that grant.

    Timelines – the grants department will help you develop a timeline for when evaluation reports and budget items are due, and will send you reminders prior to any deadlines. Timeliness is essential in maintaining good grant relations and your cooperation in meeting or beating any deadlines is appreciated.

    Expectations – the Grant Clerk will assist you in defining the roles and responsibilities of each partner to the grant, including external parties, and will assist you in creating contracts to guide such partnerships as necessary.

    Protocol – the Grant Clerk will ensure that all parties understand the necessary procedure for obtaining and reporting funds, including prior approval, receipt reimbursement, mileage and travel, and personnel requisition.

    You will work with your Grant Clerk to secure funds from your grant account through the life of your grant. The grants office staff will also monitor your completion of any interim and final reports that may be due to the grantor, and will assist you in closing out the grant at the completion of your funding cycle.