• Learning

    Sabin Middle School fosters a learning environment where exploration and personal growth are valued. We are committed to developing life-long learners and contributors to society. Learners at Sabin will be co-creators of their academic pathways, goals, and action plans. Goal setting will be informed by data-based needs, preferences, and interests. Learners will be enabled to adjust their plans through frequent checks with peers, teachers, parents, and mentors.

     Learning will be innovative with measurable outcomes that go beyond test scores. Experiences will be enhanced through community-connected, problem-based engagements. Grading and reporting practices will reflect both academic and non-academic competencies. Students will demonstrate mastery through a variety of methods/modes.  

    At Sabin, learning is not bound by a specific classroom. Flexible environments that encourage collaboration, creativity, and applied learning will be accessible throughout the building. Spaces will be equipped with resources aligned to the learning model and individual needs. Environments will be warm, welcoming, and reflect the values of Sabin Middle School.

    Our learners will have access to a wide range of digital and hands-on tools providing them with a variety of methods for accessing, engaging in and expressing their work. Anytime, anywhere access to resources will enable an experience tailored to need, preference and interest that is not bound by time or space. We will reimagine time to be more responsive to stakeholders. Schedules and calendars for both teachers and students will be reasonably flexible and enable personalization across subject areas. Learners will have frequent and regular opportunities to explore interests and passions through the application of content skills.

    Through a variety of meaningful learning experiences, we will foster a school climate that cultivates critical thinking, innovative thought, and community contribution, enabling our learners to achieve the highest levels of success.




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