• Professional Learning


    Sabin will provide a robust system of self-directed personalized professional learning based on need, interest and passion. Routine self-assessment and reflection will allow staff members to benchmark their skill development against district-defined and globally-relevant standards. Awareness of strengths, areas for development, preferred modes of learning, optimal work/productivity time(s), and favored learning styles will enable each staff member to craft his/her own personal learning plan to realize growth.

    Professional learning opportunities correlate with the vision and will model expectations for our classrooms. Experiences will include face-to-face engagements, online modules, and blended options. Professional learning will integrate coaching, on-going in-class support, and identification of new pedagogical tools and approaches. Professional learning communities will be focused on teacher and learner needs identified and driven by the vision.

    Leadership will increase learning time for teachers to enable personalized professional development. Flexible use of meeting times will support a wide variety of professional learning experiences. Opportunities will be both embedded into the contract day and available beyond school hours.

    Identified professional learning needs will fully reflect Sabin's strategic plans and priorities. Purposeful, targeted, and meaningful professional learning will ensure transformative practices are widespread, effective, and evident in all learning opportunities. Personalized professional learning will inspire teachers to become experts who design the ultimate educational experiences.