• Wider Community

    The surrounding community and neighborhoods are the heart of any school. Sabin students and staff understand this symbiotic relationship and will strengthen the relationship between the school and community. An emphasis on participation and collaboration will enable stakeholders to have a voice in ongoing initiatives. We will actively seek out and utilize the wisdom and expertise of parents and community members.  Learning opportunities outside of the traditional school day and year will exist. Sabin before- and after-school programs will extend the school day with enriching experiences.

    Sabin will take a community approach to building use. Our facilities will be accessible, comfortable, technology-rich, and of a professional standard so they can be used by all community members and accessed for informal gatherings, conferences and exhibitions, community events and business meetings.

    Sabin will build critical partnerships with local businesses, community and civic organizations, and post-secondary institutions. Partnerships will enable rich learning experiences through volunteering, internships and apprenticeships, while providing a variety of support resources. Partners will collaborate with teachers, leaders, and learners to ensure experiences have a direct connection to the needs of the wider community. Sabin will raise awareness, empower community voice and promote solutions to local and regional issues. These experiences will enable our learners to not only contribute to their community today, but ensure a better global society in the future.