• In this classroom, we will be using a clip chart color system to monitor our behavior and our choices. Your child will have a clip that will physically move up or down the chart, depending on his or her behavior choices. Your child will begin on green each day. Your child’s clip may or may not move each day. The chart below explains each color on the clip chart:

    Purple (Great Job!)- Consistently making positive choices throughout the day.

    Blue (Good Choices)- Making positive choices during the day.

    Green (Ready to Learn)- You will start each day on green. If you remain here, you are doing a very good job, keep it up!

    Yellow (Stop and Think)- If you receive a warning, you will move your clip down to help you remember to think about your choices.

    Orange (Teacher’s Choice)- If you continue to make poor choices, you will move to the orange section. You may miss recess, fill out a behavior form, etc.

    Red (Parent Contact)- If you still choose to make poor choices, you will move to red. The teacher will call or email parents to discuss behavior/consequences. 


    ***Your child will have the opportunity to move back to green if they receive a warning.  Each child will record their color in their planner. Students that end on purple will receive a special prize at the end of the day!