We will be starting spelling the week of 8/20. Students will do most of their spelling work at home. Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday students will have spelling homework. They will have a choice board spelling homework sheet in their take home folders. Each night they will choose one activity to complete each night. They will be quizzed each Friday on their spelling words. Students do not have to turn in an activity each day. They have to have four of the choices completed by Friday and can turn in all four with the spelling choice board attached on Friday. Below I have this weeks spelling words and a file to open the spelling choice board document, in case it is misplaced through out the week and for your reference. Thank you for your continued support! 

    -Mrs. Hausladen


    Spelling List Week 14 (12/9) Long List

    1. building
    2. spelling
    3. fifty
    4. receive
    5. revise
    6. deceive
    7. science
    8. inside
    9. advance
    10. pleasure
    11. outside
    12. writing
    13. picture
    14. Ute
    15. December
    16. Christmas

    Spelling List Week 14 (12/9) Short List

    1. Ute
    2. December
    3. Christmas
    4. building
    5. inside
    6. spelling
    7. fifty


     ***Attached in the spelling homework choice board word document! 

    spelling homework choice board