• Parents/Guardians,

    For the next couple of weeks we will be using the reading logs attached. Students will have to answer a question from the list attached and answer it on the attached sheet. This should be done only Tuesday and Thursday. Students will need to put their name on the paper, title of book, author, minutes read, the code for what question they are going to answer (example: f1, f2, f3, etc.) then answer the question in a COMPLETE sentence. Please initial the log and the students will return this the next day. Thank you for your support and please feel free to contact me with any questions.

    Fiction Questions for Reading Logs


    F1: Was there a problem in the book? What was it? How was it solved?

    F2: How would you describe the main character?

    F3: What was your favorite part of the book? Why?

    F4: Did you learn anything from the book?

    F5: What was the MOST important event in the story? Why?

    F6: Describe a connection you had while reading.

    F7: What new words did you learn.?

    F8: Was there a character you didn’t like? Why?

    F9: Would you recommend this text to someone else? If so, who?

    F10: Which character is most similar to you?

    F11: If you could change the title, what would you change it to?

    F12: What was the author’s purpose in writing this book?

    F13: What does the character want? Do you think he/she will get it? If so, how?

    F14: If you could ask the author a question about the text, what would you ask?

    F15: What would you change about the story?

    F16: What questions do you have about the text?

    F17: Summarize what you have read.

    F18: How are you feeling right now as you read?

    F19: What is going to happen next? How do you know?

    F20: What were some of the strongest words the author used?