National Board Certification Program

  • The District 11 National Board Certification Program is not available for the 2020-2021 school year.

    National Board Certification Program


    Our vision is to promote a top quality educator work force by providing a National Board Certification Program that supports teachers in reaching the highest standards of the profession to effectively meet diverse student needs.


    Our mission is to recruit, retain, and renew National Board Certified Teachers by providing an adaptive and structured support system that reinforces best practices and reflection to positively impact student learning.


    • To recruit diverse candidates at the elementary and secondary levels
    • To support candidates through the certification process in a collaborative, reflective professional learning community
    • To advocate for incentives to recruit and retain quality teachers
    • To provide ongoing leadership opportunities for the National Board Certified Teachers (NBCTs) to support the improvement of teaching and learning in schools and become teacher leaders at the local, state, and national level
    • To encourage NBCTs to continue to improve their teaching and student learning by designing and implementing Action Research Projects
    • To encourage NBCTs to serve high needs students
    • To encourage leadership in our D11 National Board Certification Program



    National Board Informational Meeting PowerPoint (will download when clicked)

    Incentives and Eligibility for Participation in D11 Program

    D11 National Board Certified Teachers


    The D11 National Board Certification Program supports National Board Certification candidates and certified teachers.   Participation is not limited to employees of District 11.

    Program Features:

    •  Support Course for Teacher Candidates
    •  Support Course for Advanced Candidates
    •  Reader Training for NBCTs
    •  Facilitator Training for NBCTs
    •  Action Research Project support for NBCTs
    •  Certification Renewal Course
    •  Informational Sessions for Potential Candidates
    •  In District Financial Assistance for Certification Costs (dependent on grant funding)
    •  Annual Celebration and Recognition of New NBCTs


2019-2020 Celebration of New National Board Certified Teachers