• Band Instruments 
    Beginning band students at MANN MS may start on the following instruments.  
    You can hear the instruments at the New York Philharmonic's Instrument Storage Room.  Choose either woodwinds, brass, or percussion.  
    Another great resourse for hearing and learning about new instruments is the Army Field Band's Page 

    Woodwind Instruments

    The flute is one of the higher pitched instruments of the woodwind family. It has a beautiful sound that can be light and happy, or quiet and clean.
    This is a popular woodwind instrument. It can play both high and low notes. A band generally has more clarinets than any other instrument.  Larger clarinets such as the bass clarinet are available to older students.
    The oboe has a distinct, beautiful sound and often plays sad or expressive melodies.  Because it is a difficult instrument to play, students playing oboe are encouraged to take private lessons. 
    The bassoon is a bass double-reed woodwind instrument that makes a warm, dark and reedy sound.  Students playing bassoon are encouraged to take private lessons.  
    Alto Saxophone
    The saxophone is a very popular instrument and comes in various sizes and ranges. Most beginners start on the alto saxophone. Even though made of brass, the sax is part of the woodwind family.  Larger saxophones such as the tenor and baritone sax are available to older students.
    alto sax

    Brass Instruments

    Trumpet or Cornet
    The trumpet and cornet are the highest pitched instruments in the brass family. They are played in all types of bands and orchestras.
    French Horn
    The French horn has a rich full sound. It is a brass instrument built in a circle, with a large bell that is held down by the player's side.  French horn is a school-owned instrument.
    The trombone sounds brassy like the trumpet, but makes a lower sound. Moving a long slide changes pitches. The trombone is very popular and is in great demand in both bands and orchestras.
    Baritones are actually small tubas. The baritone (or euphonium) sounds in the same range as a trombone but has a mellower sound.  Baritone is a school-owned instrument.
    The tuba is the largest and deepest member of the brass family. It is the bass of the band. Even though the tuba is big and plays in a low register, it can play very fast notes or light and lively tunes.  Tuba is a school-owned instrument.


    You don't just play drums. Xylophone, marimba, bells, chimes, tambourine, timpani, triangle, and cymbals are among the many percussion instruments percussion students must learn to play.