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Mr. Anthony Karr

Holmes Community,  

Welcome to the 2020-2021 school year. We are now through our first quarter of the school year, and the challenges of teaching and learning during a global pandemic are very real. However, our students and staff are rising to the occasion and deserve a hero’s applause. While almost everything is different with school this year, we are working diligently to provide as much stability and normalcy as we control. I believe this priority is best summarized in the excerpt from the 2020-2021 Unified Improvement Plan.  

Thank you community members and parents and guardians; but most importantly, thank you students and staff! 

Anthony Karr, Principal  

From the 2020-2021 UIP: 

Staff at Holmes recognize the challenges that teaching and learning during a pandemic present – particularly because the three years between elementary and high school are a period of significant growth that will shape a child’s course through the rest of his or her life. Consequently, our school has created schedules and is actively developing lesson plans that prioritize bringing predictability, consistency, and stability to our learning experiences. In functional terms, this means that teaching and learning in a remote environment is intended to be as similar an experience to teaching and learning in an in-person environment as possible. This also means that our bell schedule and students’ class schedule will not change based on the what learning environment is prescribed by overall community health. We believe adhering to these priorities will bring our students and staff a sense of normalcy during very uncertain times and allow us to continue to pursue our major improvement strategies with little interruption. 
During the 2020-2021 (pandemic) school year, Holmes MS will continue to provide access to rigor and challenge in all academic areas - math, science, language arts, social studies, and the performing and fine arts. A school-wide focus on developing student competencies allows all learners to authentically expand their knowledge and develop academic and non-academic skill-sets that prepare them for success in high school, and college or career. A rich and dynamic exploratory offering will continue for students in programs that include physical education, band, jazz band, orchestra, musical theater, industrial technology, art, family and consumer sciences, PLTW - Gateway to Technology, computer programming and coding, and Spanish as a foreign language.  In addition, it is paramount that we continually strive to maintain or expand opportunities for extra-curricular clubs, activities, intramurals, athletics, musical performances, and evenings for demonstrations of student learning. These experiences will look different during the pandemic but should still occur. Students will continue to access a team of counselors, a school psychologist, and administrators to provide individualized attention they often need to foster their social and emotional growth. Finally, we have expanded our student advisory program (Hawk Time) to run daily with the goals: 1) to develop positive relationships between students, with adults, and with the school, 2) to foster academic success, 3) to enhance school culture and spirit, and 4) to build character and citizenship.