Mitchell HS Gifted and Talented Program

  • Philosophy Statement:  In School District 11 we believe that gifted and talented students should receive appropriate differentiated instruction from trained teachers that address individual needs.  We believe that the district gifted and talented program must have a broad base representation of students from different ethnic and socio-economic backgrounds.  These students will have resources to maximize their potential as appropriate to their educational needs and talents.  In addition, the social-emotional needs of gifted students should be recognized and addressed.


    Student Goals:  Gifted students will:

    Develop higher level thinking skills

    Develop creative thinking and problem solving skills

    Develop research skills as applied to "real world" problems

    Progress at rate and pace appropriate to abilities and learning styles

    Develop effective communication skills

    Create products that are unique and synthesize major concepts

    Develop self-esteem and self-understanding

    Work with others of similar ability


    Advanced classes available:  

    College Level Courses (Junior and Senior only):   Core Comp 1, Core Comp 2, Creative Writing

    Project Lead The Way (9th – 12th) –   – Bio medical courses (3 college credit – district paid – must pass test to receive credit)  (1st year) Principles of Bio Med, (2nd year) Human body Systems, (3rd & 4th year) – Medical Interventions and Biomedical Innovation

    AP Courses: AP US History, AP Spanish, and AP Calculus

    Pre-AP Courses for all core classes in 9th Grade