• Colorado Springs School District 11 has enjoyed a distinguished legacy of providing excellent education to the greatest number of students in our region. Today, we have 55 schools and alternative education opportunities to provide each student with a unique and exceptional educational experience. We are a caring school district that is dedicated to providing programs that meet your child’s needs, and your expectations as a parent.

    Each District 11 school is focused on continuous improvement of student achievement, providing a safe learning environment for students and staff, making the most effective and efficient use of resources, working collaboratively with parents, and offering the best quality education in the state of Colorado to the 21st century student.

    We invite parents and community members to take an active role in the continuous improvement of School District 11. The K-12 executive directors work together to support D11 schools and oversee the principals. Please visit the K-12 Schools page for more information.

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    Phone Number: 719-520-2000
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  • School District 11 offers a preschool program in your school and some community preschool sites.  Students who are three or four years of age by October 1 may be eligible for attendance.  We look forward to providing the highest quality preschool experience for your child.  Please call 520-2540.

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  • All District 11 schools offer free full-day kindergarten.

    Children must be five years of age on or before October 1 to enroll in kindergarten. If a student is transferring from a parochial, private or other public school at the kindergarten or first-grade level and does not meet the District 11 entrance age requirements, it is recommended that the principal, teacher and a supervisor screen the student as an exception and make a decision at the building level.

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  • qtIf you are looking for a District 11 school website, you can use the Our Schools drop down menu at the very top of every page on our website.


  • School Finder is a database that will match a street address with D-11 schools to help you determine the schools a student is eligible to attend​.

    Enter a street address and see boundariy maps, a list of eligible schools and bus stop information if applicable. ​​​

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    More Information on Boundaries
    Phone: 520-2940
    Email: mccafkm@d11.org