• According to the 5Essentials Survey (University of Chicago, 2022):

          • WMS is rated STRONG in Ambitious Instruction.
          • 99% of WMS parents feel respected by our teachers.
          • 98% of WMS parents believe our teachers do their best to help their child learn.
          • 98% of WMS parents believe our teachers have their child’s best interest in mind.
          • 95% of WMS parents feel comfortable sharing their concerns with their child’s teachers.


    Vison Statement

    We are a dynamic, collaborative community of energized educators, engaged students and supportive partners with a passion for continuous learning.

    Mission Impact

    Each student will develop personal, social, and cultural competencies and apply them intentionally in their lives.

    We Believe:

    • In the inherent worth of every individual and the power of equitable practices to unleash potential.
    • Healthy relationships provide mutual understanding and enhance life.
    • Continuous learning nourishes life.
    • Integrity is fundamental to building trust

    West yeserday, today and tomorrow... West Campus is a building with a long and storied history, dating back to 1924, and has been an integral part of the Westside Community and Old Colorado City for over 90 years. The West Campus offers comprehensive elementary and middle school programs with opportunities designed to meet the individual needs of primary and middle level students. We believe in the power of high expectations and take a "no excuses" approach to student achievement. Our school community is relentless in ensuring that all children have access to effective instructional strategies and challenging academic content. The staff continually strives to prepare children for the challenges of tomorrow. We believe that lifelong learners have excellent beginnings at West Campus. Additionally, we offer programs for gifted learners, those for whom English is a second language, and we have a broad range of activities including art, music (choir, band, and orchestra), physical education for all and PLTW Launch for elementary school students. There are numerous before and after school clubs and activities providing opportunities for students to participate academically, athletically, and socially. West's "small school atmosphere" is said to be "the best kept secret on the Westside".