School Uniforms
  • All students are expected to adhere to uniform policy at all times.

    Uniforms consist of:
    • Beige bottoms: khaki pants, shorts, or school appropriate skirts (no navy blue)
    • Collared shirts: black, white, navy, or light blue (no logo)
      • Turtlenecks, sweaters, light weight jackets that adhere to uniform colors are allowed to be worn inside in colder weather (outside jackets may be any color but cannot be worn in the classroom)
    • There is no required brand for any part of the uniform.
    Special days will be designated as non-uniform days (picture day, pajama day, Halloween, etc.)
    For uniform assistance contact  the office at 719-228-0900
  •                          blue shirt skirt

  • Girl 1

    Girl 2

  • Black shirt kahki pants black sweater shorts white shirt