Holmes Students
  • MISSION: We dare to empower the whole student to profoundly impact our world.

    Vision Statement: Igniting a passion for learning while inspiring and empowering students for a future of their own making. Developing life-long learners who are capable of leading, creating and contributing while being empowered with confidence and self-knowledge.

    Core Values/Igniting a Passion for Learning: 
    We believe all students should be passionate about their personal learning experience.  The Holmes Middle School staff take pride in our endeavors to continually deliver educational experiences that make learning exciting and relevant, to provide flexible and adaptive environments that allow each student to be challenged at his or her level of readiness, and to offer opportunities for each student to be engaged in learning based on personal preference and need.  With the inclusion of a rich exploratory program, diverse clubs and activities, and an extensive athletic and intramural program, Holmes offers much more than just robust academics.  Students develop additional skill sets required for high school, college and career - personal skills, collaboration and communication skills, leadership, creativity, and the value of contributing to the local or global community.  Ultimately, it is our goal to inspire and empower students for a future of their own making.