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    ​Maximizing Achievement for Gifted Students


    Contact: Palmer Gifted Resource Teacher (GRT)
    Name: Michael Chamberlin
    Email: michael.chamberlin@d11.org
    Phone: (719)-328-5079
    Address: 301 N Nevada AVE Colorado Springs, CO 80903
    Office: Room 222
    WebEx Meeting: Book here


    What We Believegifted words

    Vision: The Gifted and Talented will maximize achievement for all gifted students.

    Mission: The Mission of the Gifted and Talented Department is to support gifted and talented students in achieving their academic, social-emotional, and creative-productive potential by providing an appropriate learning environment based on best practices in gifted education.

    Guiding Principles: We, as the Gifted and Talented Department:definiton

    Promote high academic achievement for each student

    Seek meaningful and challenging learning experiences

    Facilitate talent development

    ​Encourage social and emotional growth

    Support future planning

    Develop habits of good citizenship ​

    Advanced Learning Plans (ALPs)

    The Colorado Department of Education (CDE) requires that all Gifted and Talented students have an Advanced Learning Plan (ALP), and state that communication between parents, educators, and students are essential in the goal setting, development, and review of a gifted student's Advance Learning Plan. In order to comply with the CDE rules, parents must review and approve the completed ALP. 

    As a gifted student you have the right to gifted programming. At Palmer High School, this entails taking honors and advanced classes, but may also involve extracurricular activities, personal and social support, and other services. The objective is to allow gifted students to learn and grow in their area(s) of strength/interest commensurate with their ability. The Advanced Learning Plan (ALP) is a Colorado state requirement aimed to address this objective by means of goal attainment. All identified gifted students need to complete an ALP yearly.

    The ALP is embedded within Naviance, a school-wide management and career readiness/planning solution for students, and a system for students to complete ICAP (Individual Career and Academic Plan) graduation requirements. Since there is alignment between the ALP and the ICAP (e.g., both are state requirements, and both are utilized in planning for the future), using Naviance for the ALP reduces the redundancy of both. The ALP and the ICAP are graduation requirements. 

    There are three ALP tasks all gifted students need to complete before October 31, 2020 - ALP Questionnaire, ALP Academic Goal, ALP Affective Goal. 

    Quick Start to the completing ALP:  
    1) From the Palmer website , under the Students tab, select  Student Resources
    2)  Select the Naviance link . "Click HERE to login", and select the Microsoft logo link to login. Follow prompts and Naviance/Clever links to login. 
    3)  Once logged in, select My Planner and Tasks Assigned to Me.  
    4)  Three GT tasks have been assigned to you: HS ALP Survey/Questionnaire, ALP Achievement Goal, and ALP Affective Goal.
    5) Complete the survey first. The due date is October 31, 2020. 
    6) Parents - an email with attachments (Creating Parent Naviance Account & Reviewing and Approving ALP Goals) was emailed to you explaining how to set up a parent Naviance account, and how to view and approve your child's ALP goals. If you have questions please contact me

    If you would like to make an appointment with Mr. Chamberlin, Gifted Resource Teacher, to discuss the ALP and/or other GT related issues, please make an appointment here


    1) Science Fair. The 2021 Pikes Peak Regional Science and Engineering Fair will be held as a virtual contest on Saturday, February 20, 2021.  Both the CSEF and ISEF competitions will also be virtual in 2021. 

    Registration for the 2021 PPRSEF is open on the www.pprsef.org website. A link to the 2021 ISEF rules can also be found on the www.pprsef.org website.

    The PPRSEF is open to any secondary student or team of 2-3 students (grades 6 – 12) in Elbert, El Paso, Park or Teller County. Please note: There is no requirement to enter or place in a school or area science fair for secondary students to enter the PPRSF.

    If you are interested in participating in the science fair please let me know and I can help you with registration, finding a mentor, or helping you with the science fair myself. No scheduled classes on Monday allows us to meet in person at school and to have access to science lab equipment if needed. Please complete this form if you have an interest in participating in the science fair. 

     2) Book Study. I read this wonderful book over the summer called, Sapiens, A Brief History of Humankind by Yuval Harari. While reading the book I thought it would make a great GT book study, so I reached out to the author and was sent 30 free books from the publisher. The book is a combination of philosophy, science, and history, weaving these subject matters together into a view of how humans have come to be the way they are now. It's one person's point of view, and some of it may be quite controversial . . . but that should make for interesting conversation. It's kind of an IB TKO class (IB course) type of book. The book isn't an easy read, and it's over 400 pages of somewhat small type. It'll certainly be challenging, but the book study is not for a grade or a class - it's just for fun. 

    Depending on interest and the number of students who sign up, I'm thinking of holding two groups of up to 15 participants each. The discussions would all be online and held on Mondays during the school day. There will be eight meetings. Please complete this form if you have an interest in participating in the book study. 

    3) GT Social/Emotional Discussion Group. Often it's not the academics, but the social/emotional aspects of being gifted that interfere with success in school (and life). Perfectionism and over-excitabilities are just a few topics we'll discuss in small group WebEx meetings. If you are interested in discussing the social/emotional realm of being gifted please complete this form. Most likely we'll meet for an hour on Mondays during the day for six weeks. 

    4) Field Trips. Even small group field trips will not be possible in the near future due to COVID-19 concerns. With that being said, there are some great locations within an hour or so of Colorado Springs that would make for interesting family day trips. The district/school would not be able to fund or support these family trips in any fashion, but here's a list of 15 nearby day trips

    5) Medical Panel Discussion. The high school Gifted Resource Teachers (GRTs) in D11 are planning a medical panel discussion for December 7, 2020. Professionals from the medical field will talk about their profession and what schooling/preparation it takes to attain their jobs. Questions from the audience will be fielded to ask the panelists. The presentation will be online using WebEx Events and advertised to all high school students in D11. If you cannot attend the event live, it will be recorded. More information coming soon. 

    6) Scholarship Information. In the spring, Mark Hess, a former Boettcher recipient and current Boettcher Ambassador, will present to interested gifted high school students in D11 how to apply for the Boettcher and other scholarships. Stay tuned for more information coming spring semester. 

    7) Student Ted Talks. Do you have something to say? Spring semester we're creating a platform where student can give Ted Talks. They will be filmed and made available to D11 students. Stay tuned . . .


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