• Important AP Exam preparation instructions

    AP students -- Please take the time to read and download the required app!

    It is critical that you take the time to download the AP testing platform NOW. It is highly suggested that ALL students in an AP class download the app - even if you are testing in person. As a reminder ONLY Calculus, English Literature, Chemistry, Statistics are testing in person all other AP exams will test at home  


    Students will be excused from classes either in the morning or afternoon depending on the session.

    All students should complete the following two (2) requirements ASAP:

    College Board Account Check requirements:

    1. All students taking digital and in-person exams should know their College Board username and password and have a safe place to keep this information, so they can retrieve it closer to exam day.
    2. All students, check with your AP teacher or Mr. Schulzki if you are unsure of the email you used to make your College Board account.
    3. As a reminder, it’s important that student personal information is accurate in their College Board account. Students must use their legal name, correct date of birth, etc. Inaccurate information could jeopardize their ability to test or access their scores.
    4. If any students need to correct information in their account, they should contact AP Services for Students (888-225-5427, apstudents@info.collegeboard.org) as soon as possible.
    5. Email updates will be sent to your College Board account at myap.collegeboard.org

    Download AP App - ALL STUDENTS, whether digital or in-person, need to upload the following AP App on their own PC or Mac, or on their school-managed Dell computer, in case we are forced to move to Admin 2 or 3 due to a quarantine situation. Students are permitted to install the AP App on their school-managed Dell computer, or their own PC or Mac ONLY NO Chromebooks.  The computer can be a personal computer or a school-provided computer (Dell) but must not be shared between students after exam setup is completed. NO SMART PHONES, IPADS OR TABLETS ARE ALLOWED!

    >>Download the AP digital exam app at cb.org/ap2021examapp.  Students will need their College Board username and password to upload the AP digital exam app. Please contact Mr. Schulzki if you are having difficulties at anton.schulzki@d11.org, ASAP.

    Step 1: Download and install the 2021 AP digital testing application cb.org/ap2021examapp.  and log in.

    Step 2: Practice with example questions in the app.

    Additional Information:
    Smartphones/Smartwatches, IPads
    and Tablets are NOT permitted for testing.

    • In-person, paper and pencil students will be testing in the Aux Gym (Calculus, English Literature, Chemistry, Statistics), students with Accommodations - TBD. Mr. Schulzki will reach out to students with accommodations to confirm. 
    • Administration 1 – in-person, paper and pencil (May 3 – 17), Administration 2 (at-home, digital) May 18 – 28 most exams, Administration 3 – (at-home, digital) – June 1 – 11 - make up exams 
    • Students will receive a confirmation of their exams, dates, times, locations approx. 1 week prior to the exam. 

    Preview the 2001 AP Digital Exams

    AP testing Graphic