This table displays data about DNA Strands


  • Nucleic acid sequence


    Nucleic acids consist of a chain of linked unites called necleotides. Each nucleotide consists of three subunits: a phosphate group and a sugar (ribose in hte case of RNA, deoxyribose in DNA) make up the backbone of the nucleic acid strand, and attached to the sugar is one of a set of nucleobases. Nucleotide handout for review.

    Biological significance

    In biological systems, nucleic acids (Wikipedia Page about Nucleic Acids) contain inofmration which is used by a living cell to construct specific proteins.  The sequence of nucleobases on a nucleic acid strand is translated by cell machinery into a sequence of amino acids making up a protein strand.

    The different nucleobases that make up DNA are 

    • Adenine
    • Cytosine
    • Guanine
    • Thymine

    A picture of a strand of DNA showing nucleotides

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