•  End-Of-Year Announcements

    May 5: Last day for students to check out books.

    May 12: All library books are due back (our class will get a popcycle party if we have them all returned by May 12)

    May 12: All student devices and chargers are due back in class (we will use in class until May 14).

    May 14: All devices and chargers will be turned in to Mr. Stutz.

    If your student has lost his/her charger then a new will be billed to you OR you can purchase an official Dell charger for much cheaper than the district cost.  Please read the info below:

    Officially, I need to tell you that missing or damaged chargers will need to be replaced and that the district will be charging families $40 to replace their damaged chargers! 


    Unofficially, there is a website that I use pretty often for cheap hardware called newegg.com, and they are selling Dell Chromebook chargers for $28 right now.  It is really important that if they go this route, they need to purchase official Dell Chromebook 3100 chargers, that are 65 W and are 100-240 voltage.  WE WILL NOT ACCEPT 3RD PARTY CHARGERS AT THE END OF THE YEAR…IF THEY ARE THE WRONG TYPE, IT CAN DO DAMAGE TO THE MOTHERBOARDS!  So if you have students who need chargers before the end of the school year, you could totally be a hero and send this link out to your families who might need it…unofficially!