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    George Washinton Carver was a scientist and a teacher. In 1864, he was born into slavery on a Missouri farm. George wanted to learn more about the plants he liked growing. By 1875, he was free to leave the farm and go to school.

    Early Life:
    George finished high school in 1884. He went to college in Iowa. In 1896, he began to teach at Tuskegee Institute in Alabama. Tuskegee was a school for black people. George taught students about plants and farming.

    Early Work:
    Farmers in the southern United States grew cotton. In the late 1800's, cotton stopped growing well. George taught famrers to grow peanuts and sweet potatoes instead. 

    Later Years:
    George showed farmers how people could use peanuts and sweet potatoes. He made cheese, ink, and soap from peanuts. He made molasses, rubber, and glue from sweet potatoes. 

    George taught at Tuskagee Institute for 47 years. He died in 1943. People remember him for helping farmers. George is famous for inventing new ways to use crops. 

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