• Families of Carver Elementary School,

    We are honored to serve you in this important pursuit of education.  Working together, we can achieve our mission to dare to empower the whole student to profoundly impact our world. We will be challenging our students to innovatively adapt to evolving challenges. We will be actively pursuing learning that continually challenges students to grow and achieve their personal best. We will develop personal, social, and cultural competencies and apply them intentionally to their lives.

    We strive for excellence at Carver Elementary. We will be accomplishing this through an academic program that is challenging, engaging the student through instruction that is relevant, and encouraging a love for learning. We will also be creating a safe learning environment for your child. If we are not meeting that expectation, we ask that you communicate with us so that we can improve.  

    Please know that this is a partnership to help your child grow. As we have overcome many obstacles in the past, we are excited to tackle the challenges that lay ahead and this can be accomplished by being actively involved with your student’s education. We are looking forward to the many opportunities to collaborate this year and creating new memories with the Carver family.  

    We would like to welcome you to Carver Elementary! If you are a returning family or if this your first year at Carver, we are excited to work with you to achieve great results.  Please know that our doors are always open for communication and we look forward to partnering with you in your child's education.


    Collin Vinchattle

    Principal, Carver Elementary