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Degrees and Certifications:

Ms. Campbell

My How: I tried my best not to teach, my parents were both teachers and we weren't rich!  I was a good student, but indecisive.  I tried seven majors; from Art, Environmental Science, to finally landing on International Studies with an Asian Studies focus.  As a Korean American, this was my way to gain cultural awareness.  I also minored in Political Science and thought someday I would go into International Law or work for an NGO.  However, I graduated at the time of the recession and was quickly disillusioned and learned that a BA doesn't mean you're hired to Amnesty International.  So I traveled and eventually taught ESL in Thailand.  I chose teaching as a career, and went back for my teaching cert.  I found all my reasons, then chose my career, but it was a long process!

  • MY WHY:
  • I want to give back and serve my community.  
  • I enjoy the curious nature of children.
  • I know all students can learn.  
  • I believe students learn best when doing things they love. By engaging them in hands-on, experiential, playful, learning games.  
  • Kids are our future.
  • They deserve compassion and understanding.  
  • I like teaching about cultural and ethnic diversity.
  • I just like teaching!