Music Choice Board - May 12-15


     Level 1 

    1. Use your imagination to travel to the Kingdom of Sing, where you can’t talk, but only sing.  Have a conversation about your favorite toy or food. 
    2. Demonstrate your 4 voices for a family member: whisper, talk, shout and sing.  When is it appropriate to use each voice? 


    Level 2 

    1. Go online to  www.Creatingmusic.com  Click on Hearing Music and play a game. 
    2. Go online and find “Prelude in Db Major, Op 28, No 15 Raindrop” by Chopin.  Listen to the piece, then write why the composer named the piece “Raindrop.” 


    Level 3 

    1. Find an article about Beethoven.  List 10 things that you learned about his amazing life. 
    2. Find a video of Blue Man Group.  What real instruments would they use in place of the instruments they make from stuff they find? 











     Music Choice Board - May 4-8


       1.  Go on a musical scavenger hunt.  Look around your home and find something that 1) Makes a high sound. 2) Makes a low sound 3) Makes loud sounds 4) Makes soft sounds 5) Moves fast 6) Moves slowly 7) You can shake to make sounds 8) You can scrape to make sounds.  9) Tap on something made of wood.  10) Tap something made of metal.

       2.  think of your favoirite story. Act the story out with your family.  Add musical accompanimet.


       1. Create a family band using only things found around your house.  What type of band will you be?  What songs will you play?

       2. Make 10 different 4-beat combinations  using Ta, Teetee and Shh.  Perform them


       1.  Find and read an article about music or a musician.  What did you learn?  Write your thoughts and share them.

       2.  If you could be any type of musician when you grow up, what would you be?  Plan your dream career and share.



    Good Morning, You all have received an email with a Music Choice Board attached.  I will be posting it here each week as well, hoping to reach as many Columbia musicians as possible. Remember, the expectation is that you complete 2 of the choices, then let me know what you did.  The choices are not grade specific--you can do any you wish.


    1. Go online with a family member to https://pbskids.org/games/music/ Click on “Monster Music” and play an instrument with your favorite character.

    2. Go online with a family member and find a live performance of music from anothercountry. What instruments do you hear?

    1. Make a table with 4 columns, labeled Woodwinds, Brass, Strings and Percussion. Put as many instruments as you can think of into your table under the correct family name.

    2. Have your parents teach you a song they used to sing in school. Sing together!

    1. Write out as many rhythms and pitches as you know. Explain them to a family member.

    2. Write a poem about Spring, then develop a body percussion pattern. Perform this as a chant.




     Good Morning, Cougars!  Today, I'm sharing a really cool site that has something for everyone! It's called Music Learning Community and it's filled with videos, lessons and games that reinforce what we learn in our music classroom.  There is a subscription but, there is a free trial that gives you access to many of the fun stuff on the site.  Check it out at


    By the way, has anyone beat my score of 50,900 points in Star Catcher yet?  You'll find the link to it below.  Let me know what and how you're doing!


    Hey Cougars, I thought I would liven things up with a little color today!

    I'm hearing that people are having difficulty in accessing the MusicLab that I mentioned below.  I have found that it's best to go to the district's distance learning site and navigating to it there.  Get into Choiceboard 2.0 Click on 2nd grade in the left hand column, even if you aren't in 2nd grade! Scroll down to Visual and Performing Arts: Music.  You should see a link to MusicLab.  If you click on the link, that should get you there.  Let me know if this works, or any questions you may have, through my email at lorraine.meyers@d11.org

    Here's another fun site:   http://www.sfskids.org  I played a game called Star Catcher, using the song Ode to Joy.  I scored 50,900 points!  Can you beat my score?



     Good Morning, Cougars!  I hope your first week of distance learning was educational and FUN!  With the latter in mind, here is a site I would like for you to explore.

       www.musiclab.chromeexperiments.com  This is also found on the district choiceboard 2.0

       There is a lot of fun stuff here, so take your time and explore it all!

    Kindergarten and 1st graders, be on the lookout for our first WebEx activity as listed below.  We're going to make kazoos!


    This is a supply list for our younger students.  They will need these items to participate in WebEx activities over the next couple of weeks.

       Activity 1:  empty toilet paper roll, markers/crayons, a square of wax paper (about 4x4 inches), and a rubber band.

       Activity 2:  drinking straws (at least 8), scissors and scotch tape

       Activity 3:  an empty can (any size), paper (colored or plain), markers/crayons, pencil, tissues and masking tape

       Activity 4:  paper plate, clean paint stirring stick (free at Lowes), black marker and 2 rubberbands

                             IF you are unable to get a paint stick, a ruler will do but, we'll be gluing it to the paper plate