• I am honored to serve as the Superintendent for School District 11. Our mission is, "We dare to empower the whole student to make a profound impact on the world." We will accomplish this by adhering to the D11 strategic plan, which can be found by clicking here.

    Each of our 27,000 students come to us with unique needs, passions, and strengths. We aim to engage each student where they are, and partner with them to find their passion and fulfill their potential. I believe in the power of relationships and recognize that I am not alone in my role. We have nearly 4,000 highly qualified employees who have a wide range of talent and skills and are supporting the learning of our students every day. As our K-12 student demographic continues to diversify, our staff are committed to their continuous learning and professional development to stay relevant and responsive to student needs.

    District 11 is a learning organization and as the lead learner in our district, it is important that I model what it means to take risks, accept challenges and work hard for what is best. I believe our students have endless possibilities in life and by setting high expectations, our students will strive to meet them. It will take the strength of our entire community to accelerate the learning of ALL students. Through partnering with parents, businesses, philanthropic groups, local military, and our faith-based communities (just to name several), our students will continue to excel in District 11.

    I want to thank our community for believing in us and continuing to make District 11 the district of choice! With the passing of a mill levy, we will be able to expand opportunities for our students by managing class sizes, addressing the social emotional learning of our students, increasing safety measures and continuing our investments in high quality academic supports and rigor. 

    My excitement to join District 11 continues to grow with each day I spend in our community and our schools. Together, we are destined for greatness! I look forward to our collaborative, committed efforts on behalf of what is best for D11 students!

    Yours in partnership,
    Dr. Michael J. Thomas