Mill Levy Override (MLO) Citizens’ Oversight Committee

  • School District 11’s Ballot Issues were approved by voters, in 2000 and 2017, which called for the formation of a Citizens’ Oversight Committee to monitor implementation, performance and use of the Mill Levy Override (MLO) funding.  The Committee meets monthly at the District 11 Administration Complex (1115 North El Paso Street, Colorado Springs, Colorado) to review and monitor both the 2000 and 2017 MLO funds. 

    We are looking for additional Committee members!  If you would like to be a part of this invaluable program, we invite you to apply.

    Committee Members' Duties Include:
    •Monitor MLO spending plan progress
    •Make recommendations regarding any program modifications
    •Familiarize themselves with the MLO spending plan and the D-11 strategic plan and mission
    •Participate in periodic public briefings to inform the community about implementation progress
    •Attend regular meetings, at least six per year

    MLO Audits: Performance Excellence Assessment Reports
    Consistent with the Mill Levy Election Ballot Questions, Colorado Springs School District 11 has conducted a number of biennial/triennial assessments of the MLO spending plan to review its progress in meeting requirements of the comprehensive district performance plan or strategic plan.  Available results are below for review.

    MLO Annual Summaries
    To maximize accountability, District 11 has prepared a Program Implementation Plan (PIP) for each of the 25 items contained in the MLO spending plan. The PIPs include budget codes, budget amount, item description, quantification of costs, a history of implementation costs, and a breakout of full-time equivalent (FTE) personnel according to employee group to be hired. Also included are any plan amendments, PIP relationship to the election questions and how each PIP fits into the current District 11 strategic plan. Available Summaries are below for review.


FY 20/21 MLOOC Mtg Notes

FY 21/22 MLOOC Mtg Notes

Program Implementation Plans (PIPs)

FY 19/20 MLOOC Mtg Notes