Degrees and Certifications:

General Music Teacher

Lyrical greetings! 

My name is Shannon Glenn, Ms. Glenn, and I am so very excited to be your new general music teacher.  I grew up in the western North Dakota badlands on a family built, owned and operated Dude Ranch.  I got my Bachelors degree from Concordia College in Minnesota, and have since gotten my Master's Degree from CSU.  I have taught since 1990, with a couple of years off when living overseas in Italy, and have lived in Colorado Springs since 1994.   I have two grown kids, two big cats and one wonderful man all living with me.  I love to travel, hike, read, explore, sing, and play all sorts of instruments.  Music is the best because I get to explore history, science, math, reading, composing, etc., etc..  I love having visitors to the music room, so are all welcome to join us for a class.


Shannon Glenn

Music Teacher