• What is the Colorado Springs School District 11 Care Team?

    The Care Team is comprised of District school psychologists, social workers, and counselors interested in assisting those district employees and students who are affected by crises. The Team is comprised of individuals who have experience with children, mental health issues, and training in crisis response.

    Goal of Care Team Intervention and Postvention

    Trauma can be defined as events that are extraordinary and overwhelm human adaptations. The goal of crisis response intervention and postvention is to address emotional trauma by providing support to an individual or groups during a vulnerable crisis period and to:

    • Reduce stress by restoring normal cognitive functioning over emotional reactions
    • Facilitate restoration of school, home, and community functioning.
    • Facilitate cognitive understanding of what happened.
    • Restore and enhance adaptive capacities by accessing support, education, and interpretation of events.
    • Restoring psychological health and equilibrium, balancing internal capacities and external stressors.

    Contact Details

    Valerie Scates
    Executive Director of Student Success and Wellness 
    Office:  719.520.2568