ACE Vocational Program (Alternative Cooperative Education)

  • ace Career and Technical Education offers students the opportunity to enrich their high school experience with classes in the areas of Business and Marketing, Industrial Technology and Family and Consumer Sciences. The Alternative Cooperative Education (ACE) program is also offered through Career and Technical Education. This program prepares young adults to be occupationally effective, socially responsible and functionally independent. 

    The ACE program is a CTE program with the ultimate goals being to develop:  self-knowledge, human relation skills, employability skills, career awareness, independent living skills, transition planning and leadership skills.  This program provides positive experiences which will enable students to achieve success in school as wall as preparing them for the world of work.  Students will have the opportunity to earn up to 3 credits per semester, depending on employment. 
    The ACE program is designed to enhance employment-related skills for 11th and 12th grade students.  Units of study include:
    ACE 1
    Intro to ACE/Labor Issues
    Locating Employers
    Job Applications
    Job Hunting Phone Skills
    Cover Letters/Resumes
    Communication Skills
    Vocational Interest Inventories
    Choosing Educational Goals
    ACE 2
    Social Security
    Getting along w/Others at Work
    Keeping your job
    Choosing Employment Goals
    Lifestyle and Careers
    Health and Wellness
    Careers in the Future
    ACE 3
    Intro to ACE
    Planning for Success
    Budgeting your Money
    Savings/Checking Accounts
    Using Credit Wisely
    Understanding Insurance
    Understanding Investments
    Economics and the Consumer
    Buying a Car
    Renting and Apartment
    Responsibilities of Citizenship
    Legal Matters
    ACE 4
    Teenagers Preparing for the Real World
    Time & Information Management
    Technology in the Workplace
    Relationships at Work
    Teamwork and Leadership
    Thinking Skills on the Job
    Accessing Resources in the community
    Choosing Personal Goals
    Getting Ahead on the Job/Making a Job Change