Review of Human.4 by Kayden K.

Posted by ANYA BOYLE on 12/3/2018

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Human.4 by Mike A. Lancaster

Dystopian/Science Fiction


     Set in the 21st century, a teenage boy, Kyle lived in a small and peaceful town. In this town, there was an annual talent show that was held, and Kyle's friend Danny had done a magic act. Feeling pity, Kyle raises his hand to volunteer for Danny's act. All is going well until the volunteers are hypnotized and sent off into a different world. When they are finally brought back, things begin to go south. Kyle and the others begin to have strange behavior, and they aren't sure why.

     This was a very exciting, thrilling, book that kept you on the edge of your seat. you would never want to put this book down. I would recommend this book to young adults/teens interested in Science Fiction and Dystopian books. I would rate this book five stars because it was such an amazing and suspenseful book. I would definitely read this book again if i got the chance.


Review by Kayden K., 8th Grade